What is my fundraising commitment/guarantee?

As a RUN FOR HOPE 2020 team member, you make a commitment to raise a minimum amount of funding for New Hope Academy. The amount is determined by which level you sign up for on the RUN FOR HOPE registration page (step 2 on home page).

What happens if I don't meet my fundraising commitment?

You have the option to opt-out of the event and your fundraising commitment. The deadline to do this is March 13, 2020. Any funds donated to New Hope Academy before opt-out are non-refundable. A decision to opt-out means you will not be charged the remaining balance and you will not receive the benefits. If you do not opt-out by March 13, 2020, and you have not met your fundraising goal by April 15, 2020 at 10:00 PM (CDT), the credit card you provided during the RUN FOR HOPE registration process will be charged the difference between what you have raised and your minimum commitment. This charge will be submitted on April 16, 2020. 

How do I opt-out?

If you choose to opt-out by March 13, 2020, email Jaime at

Are donations made on my FirstGiving page tax-deductible?

Absolutely! RUN FOR HOPE exists to benefit New Hope Academy which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (tax ID#: 63-1172489). Under the tax code, all donations made to New Hope Academy are 100% tax deductible. To receive a tax receipt for check donations, all checks must be made out to New Hope Academy (not to you personally).

Will my supporters receive a tax receipt for their contribution?

Supporters who donate through FirstGiving can use the receipt provided by FirstGiving for their tax records. If a supporter makes a check donation and wants tax credit, the check must be written to New Hope Academy and not to you personally.  In this scenario, New Hope Academy will provide a tax receipt for the check donation. 

If you collect cash or checks made out to you and then you write a check to New Hope Academy to be put toward your fundraising commitment, technically YOU are the one who will receive the tax credit.

However . . . your donors do not need a tax letter in order to write off a donation under $250.

When do I need to start fundraising?

It's never too early to start fundraising! Once you are registered for the St. Jude Rock 'N' Roll Nashville Marathon and RUN FOR HOPE, create your online fundraising page. For tips on how to set up your FirstGiving page, click HERE.

What is the fundraising deadline?

The cut-off date when we tally your fundraising total is April 15, 2020 at 10:00 PM (CDT). After that point (as mentioned above), your credit card will be charged the remaining balance to meet your minimum fundraising commitment. But, you can still accept donations and continue to raise funds for New Hope Academy to make an even bigger difference!

What is the average contribution for online giving?

The average contribution for online giving is $100 which is significantly higher than the average mail-in check contribution. For this reason, we strongly encourage RUN FOR HOPE participants to set up their FirstGiving account and include their personalized link in their fundraising letters and emails.

What is FirstGiving?

FirstGiving is a website that provides online fundraising services to those raising money for non-profits. They handle all of our online donations for RUN FOR HOPE. Be sure to include your personal FirstGiving fundraising page URL in all your communication with your potential supporters.

How do I set up my personal fundraising page with FirstGiving?

Check out some easy steps HERE.

How do I get credit for off-line contributions?

Make sure all checks have RUN FOR HOPE and YOUR NAME on the memo line so New Hope Academy's business office knows whose account to credit. You can also manually add offline contributions to your personal FirstGiving page. It's quick and easy to do! Click HERE to learn how! Every week starting in February 2020, runners who receive donations sent directly to New Hope Academy, will receive an email informing them of the contribution.  

Can I fundraise without using FirstGiving?

We highly recommend all RUN FOR HOPE participants utilize FirstGiving. Although it is possible to fundraise without using the free online component, we have seen a decrease in donations from those who choose this path. On average, online donations are twice as much as mailed in contributions.

Can I fundraise without writing letters?

You are not required to fundraise with letters. However, since some people still prefer physical letters or may not have access to email, we suggest you cover your bases by sending both.

Are there other ways to fundraise besides sending letters and emails?

We've heard of all kinds of creative fundraising ideas: garage sales, bake sales, craft sales, etc. Be creative! And don't forget about corporate matching. HERE are a few ideas to get you going!

What is the file format of the email templates and sample letter online?

The email templates and sample letter are available online as DOCX files (Microsoft - Word). If you have trouble opening a document and need a different version, please email Jaime at Other options are DOC (older Word format) and PDF (not an editable version).

Someone mailed a donation check to me instead of New Hope Academy. What do I do now?

Please mail the check to:

New Hope Academy

1820 Downs Blvd.

Franklin, TN 37064


But make sure YOUR NAME and RUN FOR HOPE are written on the memo line so the office knows whose account to credit.

Can partners commit to different levels?

No. Two people can partner up ONLY for GOLD level.

What if I decide to partner-up after registration with someone who already committed to a different level than mine?

No problem! You can add a partner until March 13, 2020 by emailing Jaime at with the following information:

  • First and last name of your partner

  • If your partner is a family member or a friend

  • The fundraising level both partners are committing too (silver or gold)

Remember that if your partner opts-out by March 13, 2020, the full fundraising commitment remains with the partner. For example, if Joe and John partner up at the Gold Level, and Joe opts-out, John is now responsible for the full Gold Level by himself.

What happens if my partner and I accidentally sign-up for different fundraising levels on the registration page? 

Simply email Jaime at by March 13, 2020 to let us know.

Can I change the information I entered at registration after that date?

The registration system is not set-up to allow registrants to make future changes. However, you can email Jaime at with your updated information and we will be happy to make the revisions for you.

What are the minimum age requirements for each run?

Children must be at least 8 years old to participate in the 5K, at least 12 for the Half Marathon and at least 18 for the Full Marathon.


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